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(an on/off collaborative practice with georgia bates)

Georgia is great at engaging people through film and has showcased many videos that include the personal approach that documentary and the interview style films need. The time she spends on getting to know the subjects before and after the project are clear within the short period they’re on screen. By using familiarised objects, she generates conversations around wider topics that are quintessential to how we communicate and perceive ourselves comparatively to the world. Georgia is creative in the way she presents work and is interested in an immersive experience for the audience.

– Ed Lawrenson, 2017

Ed is a multi-disciplinary artist with a unique ability to creatively critique the institution and the artistic world by using play and humour to engage and provoke a conversation. Through using such mediums as sound, text, construction, and social media, Ed has been able to communicate with a wider audience, altering how we think we should interact and view artworks. While working alongside other artist he has produced an archive of documentation through the recording of dialogue and the clever use of language to produce booklets, posters and micro exhibitions that articulate a greater understanding of his own and fellow artists produce work.
– Georgia Bates, 2017

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